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Open Offices: The 4 Types For You

An office space should be designed to inspire creativity while also showing a professional setting. There are several different ways to set up an open office space to suit any company’s’ wants and needs. Getting the right setting can make all the difference with a ripple effect: a great visual work environment means the more inspiration you will get out of your employees and in turn, will excite current and future customers. But what works best for your office? What open office style is going to work for your employees? Listed below are four specific designs that can help you create the perfect office that every employee dreams of working in.


One Big Office

Having one large office with no partitions is one of the new and creative office designs. It offers a literal “open” space, where no one feels separated and everyone feels the same, whether it’s the receptionist or all workers alike. A giant open office can offer an inviting and communal work place as people tend to feel like they can express their opinions or ideas that can help advance or better the company, as they do not feel excluded. It gives employees a feeling of inclusion and inspires confidence in coming forward with ideas or opinions.

Modern Day Cubicles

This particular space is a typical office setting; three walls, one chair and a computer. It offers each individual worker a space of their own, where they can work in a private setting. Except with a modern day cubicle, it gives employees the opportunity to decorate their walls with pictures of friends and family or funny memes, or that typical cat poster. They can decorate it however they see fit, to make them feel “more at home”. It offers employees the chance to be creative in an enclosed and private space.

Partitions Separating Different Teams

2Teams are meant to be created for people working towards the same goal, usually having the same responsibilities and the same title as the people working in that same partition. Close proximity can offer a connection like no other; as when teams are placed in a shared partition, they are almost forced to get along. It will give them the platform to easily help and communicate with one another. Teams only work well when they work together and when they are placed in the same area, they watch out for each other – and at the same time watch out if another person is lagging. Also, there is the added ease of not needing to always call a team meeting and waiting because everyone is just right there.

Partial Partitions

Partitions offer a secluded area, so if you are looking for something not so enclosed, there is also the option of semi partitions. Semi partitions are just lowered partitions, so you are able to see and communicate with surrounding employees. This option still offers an individual work space but makes the office feel more open. The staff is able to communicate in a faster more efficient manner, as well as providing employees with space for themselves.

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