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As leaders in office partitions, Art Office Interiors has always gone above and beyond in providing offices and workplaces with a host of different office partitions. With an extensive range of office partitions, all coming with different styles, shapes, sizes and uses, you can be sure that you will get the flexible office partition for your office.

All our partitions are highly durable, versatile and flexible. That way, you are guaranteed that all your office partitions can last the distance for years and be used as your office changes its structure and outlay.

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Office Partitions for your Melbourne Workplace

We have plenty of different office partitions available for purchase. While we focus on our most popular choices, which are listed below, we are plenty of other options available. Our most popular office partitions include:

44 Office Partition Suite

Offering the most in flexibility, System 44 is easily installed and simple to relocate when necessary. As each panel is prefabricated, fully demountable and available in a range of finishes, this partitioning system is both efficient and attractive. To learn more about this partition, contact us today!

100 Office Partition Suite

When a partitioning system with a greater profile is required, the 100 Partition Suite is ideal. Offering greater durability, increased strength and high quality fixtures, this office fit-out choice boasts a refined appearance. To learn more about this partition, contact us today!

80 and 90 Office Partition Suite

For a versatile partitioning system with a level of permanence, the 80 and 90 Suite can be customised to suit almost every office requirement. With a range of glazing and plastering options, this suite can provide as much or as little privacy as necessary. To learn more about this partition, contact us today!


All you have to do is search through our selection of office partitions in Melbourne, and when you have decided on your choice, please contact one of our friendly team members. If you want to experience high quality office partitions in your workplace, then contact Art Office Interiors today on 03 9563 1111.

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