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Office Design Tips to Motivate Staff in the New Year

2018 is nearly here. Are your workplace resolutions in place?

One very common theme seen in the goals of employees and employers alike is the desire for increased productivity and satisfaction in one’s work.

While the achievement of such goals can be largely chalked up to internal motivation, external factors can also play a part in one’s mindset and likelihood to thrive at work and beyond.

One of the most effective ways to positively influence your staff is by designing your office with conscious consideration towards developing a positive, supportive space.

 This can be done in a variety of ways, several of which ArtOffice can help you create in the new year. The following are some of our top tips for office design that will motivate your staff and facilitate a successful work environment. 

1.Provide open, communal spaces: This is beneficial for several reasons. One is that open spaces tend to contribute to better mental wellbeing. They foster a sense of community in the workplace and make it appear less hierarchical. Communal spaces also encourage employee engagement, and therefore heightens potential for collaboration.


2.Maintain natural light: Dim and/or artificial lights are associated with headaches, stress, and generally decreased productivity, while natural light is found to have the opposite effect. Daylight also helps regulate circadian rhythm, which means better sleep habits and therefore better capability to work effectively. 

3.Include various colours, textures and uses of space: Decorate your office with bright colours, which can increase alertness, and comfortable, inviting textures, which facilitate comfort in one’s work environment. Additionally, providing variety and contrast in your workplace has been said to limit boredom and feelings of monotony in one’s job.

4.Allow spaces for idea boards, notes, reminders, etc.: One obvious way to increase staff motivation and productivity is by giving them a space to easily keep track of tasks, assignments and inspirations. Bulletin boards, pinnable partitions, or even desks affixed with dry erase markers (if you allow it) can be practical methods to keep them constantly brainstorming and ready to jot down any great ideas. 

5.Customisable furniture options: When workers are given freedom of control, they will feel more satisfaction in their job and will be likely to keep their motivation levels high. Customisable furniture (such as ergonomic chairs and desks with adjustable height settings) allow staff to adapt their work space to meet their unique needs. This will not only keep their bodies healthier but also their opinion of the company more favourable.

6.Keep your brand and ethos in the forefront of employees’ minds: The best way to do this is by literally posting your company vision anywhere that employees can see it regularly (like on the walls of your office, on desks, letterheads, doors, etc.) The more that they are exposed to your logo, mission statement, or other company identifiers, the more they will internalise these images and values, which will come across in their work. 

While staff motivation is not solely reliant upon environmental influences, these office design tips are sure to help you increase staff motivation this year. When your external environments reflect the internal ideologies you want to adopt, long-lasting change happens. 

But don’t take our word for it– experience the change for yourself this year with an office design package from Art Office! Give us a call at 03 9563 1111 for more information on how we can best assist you.

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