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The secret to making that important first impression.

Making a good first impression when potential clients and businesses walk into your office is vital. A first impression only happens once, so you only get one opportunity to get it right. There are no second chances. As leading experts in office fitouts and designs, we have the secrets to making that perfect first impression.

Well designed and welcoming reception area.
The first thing people see when walking into a business is the reception. You want to make a good start to proceedings by making sure that your reception looks clean, neat and well designed. This means having a top quality table, chair and equipment. Make your reception stand out when your clients enter.

Think about colours, layouts etc.
It is important to make sure that the colour, style and layout of your reception, and then your office, has an inviting atmosphere and makes your guests feel welcomed. You want a consistent flow throughout the office and working to get all the colours, style and layout perfect is essential in that process.

Take the initiative.
Don’t wait for your clients to make the first move; you go for it. Greet them warmly and give your complete attention to them. A good personal introduction can make all the difference when it comes to completing a sale or business deal. Make your client feel comfortable in those opening moments and you can end the deal in a good note.

A comfortable board room.
Make sure that your board room continues with the same flow of the rest of your office. At the same time, make your board room feel comfortable and relaxing for your clients. The right furniture, colour, partition can make the difference to offering you both the best of privacy and comfort.

For top quality office and board room furniture to make that awesome first impression for your clients, reach out to Art Office Interiors today.

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