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Four Top Tip Office Designs For You

Are you looking at your office and wondering about making a few changes to it? Well as professionals in the industry, we understand what it takes to create and design a fully functional office, tailored for your employees. Listed below are four valuable office design tips that can make the difference for your office.

Don’t underestimate lights.
Think of it: employees are kept indoors for 90% of the time. This can be a massive burden for many people, as they get “locked” into the office and develop a case of cabin fever. This is where the importance of light, especially natural light is vital. By opening up the lights and bringing in natural light, you open up the environment and enlighten the positive atmosphere within the office and for your employees.

Maximise space.
Offices can be confined spaces, so it is vital to maximise the amount of space in your office for your employees. Making them feel confined will hurt their comfortability and space in the office, so focus on using the space to the best of your abilities and for your employees.

Create a breakout space.
Kitchens are not considered “breakout spaces”. It is a place to eat and converse. Provide your office with a breakout space: a room or space that employees will be able to have a break from their desks, work and will help them with their relaxation and creativity. Maximise the room available and use it to your advantage.

Invest in quality furniture.
Never ever skimp on furniture. Employees spend the majority of time on chairs and it is important to provide them with top quality support. While it might seem fine to merely spend a few hundred dollars to save in the long run, it doesn’t pay off. Your employees will not enjoy working in crap conditions, which affects your productivity. Plus cheaper products won’t last as long as top quality products. Invest in quality and invest in the long-term.

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