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Five Tips to winning over your clients at your Office

In any workplace today, clients and customers are the foundation of success. You have to please them and appeal to them as often and as succinct as possible. One of the most important ways to reach out to clients it knowing how to take care of them…when they come to your office! Deals can be won or lost during at the office and it is important to ensure that the deal swings in your direction. For a few friendly tips on how to make your office work to your clients, have a read below:

Make a good first impression.
First impressions last and it is important that when your client walks into your office that everything is perfect in every way. Make it clean, and organised. Ensure that everything is in place and there is a succinct structure to your office. From the front door to the reception, from the reception to the meeting room. Impressions matter and none more than the first one.

The reception area has to be comfortable.
The first thing too that clients see when they walk in, is the reception area. When designing your office, consider the fact that clients love to be made comfortable. Your reception area should instill that feeling, while at the same time, ensuring a professional aura.

Keep them entertained.
Reception areas are built for people to wait and you want nothing more than your client being bored out of the brains with no entertainment. Provide them with reading materials or place business cards and marketing collaterals of your business in front of them. It will offer them a chance to know more about your company and what you do. But more importantly, it will keep them entertained while they wait.

Be Organised.
Depending on where you are hosting your meeting or finalising your deal, there is a chance that they might walk through your office. It is important that everything is organised and professional. This applies not just to the look of your office, its furniture, its office partitions, but also your employees. Giving them a heads up or a warning about the arrival of a client will give them a chance to be prepared and to act professionally.

Give your meeting room some space.
And we mean space in the sense of providing them with space from the rest of the office. Keeping things private between your client and the rest of the office will give them a sense of trust between the both of you. Depending on your office space, you can use office partitions to break up the space and area. Just remember that space is vital for meetings.

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