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Five Steps To Prepare For You Moving Offices.

Thinking about moving offices? Before you call the movers and begin packing up the boxes, there are a few key things you have to think of before you make that move. As professionals in the industry, we’ve seen it time and again when businesses move offices and are left in trouble. With these five steps, you won’t be one of those businesses.

1. Get your budget sorted.
Moving offices is like moving houses: it’s going to cost you. This includes the moving of all your furniture, your equipment, the difference in rent (it might be cheaper depending where you’re going), as well as the prospect of new office furniture. Carefully look and analyse your budget to see if it worth it in the long run. Consider all the costs and the differences between staying where you are and moving. Also consider the little extras that might come up with moving.

2. Check and re-check the new office.
Does it have everything you need? Is it worn out or looking brand new? Check and recheck every part of your office to ensure that it has everything you need. Does it have enough parking (if that is something you are looking for) and does it have good enough security? These are little things that can make a huge difference to your office life. You don’t want to rent out a cheaper office to find that the bathroom or plumbing doesn’t work.

3.1 Location (What your new office says).
We’ve heard it plenty of times before that location can either make or break a business. Do not just think about the price of the rent, but also what the location about your business says. If you are working in the marketing sector and your business is out in the countryside, that is not a good look for your business. You have to take into account what your clients and customers will think of your location. Do some research to see where your competition and industry works at. You can build it from there.

3.2 Location (What is around your new office)
Ideally, you want your new office to be convenient for both your clients and your employees. Being close to certain amenities, such as banks, cafes, restaurants, shopping areas and even pharmacies is beneficial for the running of your business. If you want to take a client out to food, you don’t want a cafe that is too far away. What about if you need something important for your job? This does not just apply to clients, but to employees too. Employees are more contend when they have plenty of options around them.

Public transport too should also be considered. Will it be easy for your clients, and especially your employees, to reach your new office? Consider where you want your new office to be and how easy it is going to take your employees to get there.

4. Think of the space.
Space is the most vital factor to consider: do you need more or less of it? When it comes to choosing your office, you need to think if your business is going to continue to grow over the next few years or if it is not. You have to take in account extra things, such as technology, wires, computers that will take up space in any office.

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