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How long have you guys been in the industry for?
We have been working in the industry and providing businesses with office furniture, partitions and workstations for over 30 years. We know all there is to know when it comes to office furniture and accessories.

What kind of products do you offer?
We have wide selection of office partitions, workstations, office furniture and accessories, all aimed at improving the style, outlay and workflow of your office.

Why should we work with your business?
There are plenty of benefits on why you should let Art Office Interiors into your office. As well as our experience, exceptional customer service, all our products are fabulous and created to last. For more in-depth information on why you should work with Art Office Interiors, please take a look at our “Why Choose Art Office Interiors” page.

How long will an office fitout take?
This will depend on how large and what you want completed in your office. Any office outly could take anything from a few days to a few weeks.

How much will an office fitout cost?
Once again, this will depend on what you want done in your office. All you have to do is contact us, tell us your plans or project and we will begin a process where we can quote you and provide you with a cost plan.

I don’t need a complete overhaul, just a few changes, can you help with that?
Of course we can! Our aim is to help you as much as possible with all your office requirements and needs. From complete overhauls to minor adjustments, you can trust us to get it done for you.

Do you have a showroom where we can see all our products in real life?
Yes we do! To see all our furniture, office partitions, workstations and accessories with your own eyes, all you have to do is visit our showroom at located at 13 Moller Street, Oakleigh, 3166.

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