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With a team of qualified, experienced and dedicated tradespeople behind us, Art Office Interiors has over the last 30 years grown to become Boronia’s go-to supplier for office partitions and workstations. With a fantastic track record and friendly customer service, we have the ability to service both large and small offices. So whether you are looking to completely redesign your office or looking for minor adjustments, we can help you do it!

Office Workstations
Having a properly designed and catered workstations makes all the difference for employers, employees and the overall workflow of an office. That is why we have always ensured that we have a large variety of workstation and intra-desk partitions solutions for our clients. We understand that the best way to make an office function is to ensure that their workstations are running smoothly.

Office Partitions
Partitions are key in an office to ensure that pathways and workflow is fully operational. With our selection of demountable, flexible and long-lasting partition systems, you know that you will be getting the top quality partitions. With the likes of the 100 Partition Suite, 80 and 90 Systems, and the System 44 available for purchase, you know that your office workflow is in safe hands. We also offer ceiling installations if needed.

Office Furniture
Nothing gets a workplace to run smoothly and comfortably than having the right furniture. Employees and employers need the comfort and quality of having top-notch furniture to do their jobs properly. With a large range of office furniture, including tables, chairs, and other accessories such as magazine racks and bookcases, you know with Art Office Interiors, you’ll be getting the best of the best.

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