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For over 30 years Art Office Interiors has provided offices with exceptional customer service and effective office partitions and supplies. Our aim for our Bayswater clients has always been to provide them with a platform from which they can create their ideal office environment. Whether you have to manage a large workplace or just a small office with a few people, our products and services can help you make all the difference.

We understand that for employers to truly get the best out of their workplace and employees, they need an optimum and smooth running office. That is why Art Office Interiors has always provided functional and adaptable workstations screens and intra-desks: to create an office that thrives on extra space and easy pathways. Alongside screens and intra-desks, we have office accessories, including paper trays, pen holders, magazine racks and others.

Office Partitions
Durable, demountable and flexible, our variety of office partitions are designed for you to create the ideal office workplace that suits your employees, clients and the overall office workflow and atmospheres.

As for what type of office partitions we offer, we have the following:

Furthermore on top of the partitions we offer, we also provide ceiling products and installations. Just ask us about this when you visit us!

Office Furniture
To really make sure that your employees and yourself are comfortable and motivate to work, it is important to have the right furniture pieces. No one wants to sit on old chairs or work on faulty tables. That is why we have direct access to office furniture equipment and facilities. Our furniture includes:

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