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5 Tips to consider when refurbishing your office

When it comes to refurbishing an office, there are many factors that have to be taken into account before you actually go ahead and make one. As professionals in the field, we know what it takes to make certain offices work. A call-centre will work differently to a creative marketing company. That is why we have listed the five essential tips to consider when it comes to your refurbishing your office.


The growth of your business.

Is your business growing larger and larger, or is it sadly, getting smaller? The way your business is heading is key to see how you have to redesign your office. If you need more employees, perhaps look for more cost-effective workstations. If you need a new team then maybe half-partitions are needed. Same too with cubicles, if you are looking to employ single people.

Communication or privacy?

How do you want your business to operate? Do you want to promote an open communication area or a privacy workflow? These are things that you have to take into account. How you want your office to operate is essential in its new creation.


Will there be lots of wires everywhere or plenty of computers? Technology is vital in today’s modern offices and you must focus on how you office will run with technology being all over the place. Ignoring it will cause a problem when it comes to space and health.

Health and Wellbeing

You’ve heard the saying so many times before: a happy employee is a working employee. What is going to make your employees happy that they are going to go above and beyond for their jobs? You must focus on making a workplace that will not only transpire productivity but happiness.

More so, you must look at the standard of the furniture and workstations you purchase. Will it make employees comfortable to sit down or make them get injury? Never discount the quality of your office’s furniture.


If a client comes to your office, what do you want them to see? First impressions are everything and you cannot ignore the factor that clients will take into account how your office appears and runs. You must remember the type of image you want to project to your clients.

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